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Here you will find all the materials (teaching guides, stories, books ...) related to projects developed by entities.

Programa Internacional "Ecoescuelas"

ADEAC (Asociación de educación ambiental y del consumidor)

Link that provides access to the international Eco-schools program, as well as its materials and resources.

Un mundo en tus manos


Project website with educational resources on gender equality that includes posters and teaching units in Spanish, co-official languages ​​and English.

Escuelas sin racismo

Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP)

Website of the project Schools without racism of the NGDO ACPP, that offers teaching resources in Catalan, Castilian Spanish, Galician and Basque, for early childhood, primary and secondary education, addressing the following topics: peaceful social cohesion and racism, gender equality, interculturalism, migration and shelter, cooperation and solidarity, harassment and cyberbullying, and social and solidarity economy.

17 coles 17 retos

Gobierno de Cantabria

Project website where you can download videos of interest and links to teaching materials to work on the SDGs.

Maleta pedagógica. Proyecto "Somos lo que comemos"

Centro de Estudios Rurales y de Agricultura Internacional (CERAI)

Project website of the project designed as a pedagogical resource for primary and secondary with a teaching guide, worksheets for teachers and students, a poster and a calendar of special days.

Global Schools Program

Red de Soluciones para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la ONU (SDSN)

Program website with student resources.

Programa Escuelas Solidarias 

Coordinadora de ONGDS de Navarra

Solidarity Schools project website with access to videos and downloadable materials, such as a solidarity economy.

O Globo. Recursos e ferramentas para a cidadanía global

Solidariedade Internacional de Galicia

Project website with educational resources of interest, guides, studies, books, etc.

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