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Here you will find specific publications on Global Citizenship Education.

Plan de Educación Transformadora para una Ciudadanía Global (2021) 

Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP)

Online document that includes the ACPP 2020-2024 strategic education plan. It specifies a set of measures aimed at improving public schools organized along two axes: the consolidation of the program Schools without Racism, Schools for Peace and Development (ESR, EPD), and a commitment to the wholistic nature of these processes - taking into account the local context in which they are developed and the coordination with the other key agents.

Cuentos Igualdad de Género

Taller de Solidaridad 

Stories and other publications to work on gender equality

Trabajo invisible de las ONGD y Asociaciones en Extremadura

Coordinadora Extremeña de ONGD

Dynamic presentation that allows you to geolocate projects developed by NGDOs in Extremadura, detailing target population and strategic areas.

Hendere y el derecho a la educación: los ODS en la escuela (2017)

Docentes para el desarrollo

Stories about the SDGs.

Catálogo. Recursos de Educación para el Desarrollo y la Ciudadanía Global (2019)

Federación Aragonesa de solidaridad

Catalog of educational resources of Unaquí, that includes materials and educational proposals developed by the NGDO members of the Aragonese Federation of Solidarity (FAS).

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