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Investigating the global dimension of development education. A PAR pilot project in a Galician school (II) (2016-2017)

PI: Renée DePalma 

Other members of the research team: Begoña Bas López, Ánxela Bugallo Rodríguez, Patricia Carballal, Mª Dolores Cotelo Guerra, Patricia Digón Regueiro, Luis Iglesias Salgado, Silvana Longueira Matos, Rosa María Méndez García, Mª Cristina Naya Riveiro, Vanessa Pazos Leis, Mª Cristina Pérez Crego, Araceli Serantes Pazos, Iria Sobrino Freire, María Helena Zapico Barbeito  

Collaborating entities: Virxe da Cela school (ECE through secondary) and Galician International Solidarity

Funding body: Galician Cooperation (General Directorate of Foreign Relations and the European Union of the Xunta de Galicia) 

Amount of funding: 44,919.00 euros

In the second phase of this collaborative action research (PAR) project, we carried out the implementation, data collection, and analysis phases. The application of the Comprehensive Action Plan involved effecting some unforeseen changes to the design, due to teachers' leaving or joining the school staff with the change of academic year.


The designed actions were integrated in the overall project "The cow, for what it is worth"and, for each specific teaching proposal, the following aspects were defined: the activity to be carried out, objectives, content, methodologies, resources,  evaluation processes, any connection with other schoolwide or external initiatives, teachers involved, educational level, topics, and links with the curriculum.  The specific plans had the following names: Plan I: Livestock Farms; Plan II: Milk; Plan III: World and society.  


We took an emic perspective (collecting classroom teacher's own assessments in order to provide insider insight) and an etic perspective (participating and observing practices from the outside). We also analyzed the inter-institutional relationships that were generated throughout the collaboration.



DePalma, R. (2019)  La educación para el desarrollo y ciudadanía global. Barcelona: Graó. 


Pérez Crego, Cristina; De Palma, Renée; Serantes Pazos, Araceli; Rodriguez Romero, Mar; Zapico Barbeito, Helena; Pazos Leis, Vanessa; Cotelo Guerra, M. Dolores, Iglesias Salgado, José Luis and Lampón Gude, Ana (2017). Investigación colaborativa en Educación para el Desarrollo. Crónica de una experiencia. III Congreso Internacional de Estudios del Desarrollo. ¿Qué desarrollo queremos? La Agenda Post-2015 y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible , pp. 619-628. Zaragoza: Cátedra de Cooperación al Desarrollo, University of Zaragoza


Serantes Pazos, Araceli; Cotelo Guerra, M. Dolores, Iglesias Salgado, José Luis; Zapico Barbeito, Helena; Pérez Crego, Cristina; Pazos Leis, Vanessa; Lampón Gude, Ana and Paz Gutiérrez, María (2016). Educación para el desarrollo e investigación colaborativa: la experiencia de SI-G y UDC con las escuelas. Cristina Mesquita, Manuel Vara and Rui Pedro (Eds.) (2016).  1.º International Meeting of Teacher Training (INCTE) , pp. 659-666. Bragança: Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. 

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