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Researching in the territory to identify and recognize schools that address development and global citizenship education in Galicia (I) (2018-2019)

PIs: Alba Patricia Digón Regueiro and Rosa María Méndez García 

Other members of the research team: Ana Margarita Lampón Gude; Ánxela María Bugallo Rodríguez; Araceli Serantes Pazos; Laura Cruz López; María Cristina Naya Riveiro; María Cristina Pérez Crego; María José Caride Delgado; Silvana Longueira Matos; Renée DePalma. 

Collaborating entity:  Galician International Solidarity

Funding entity:  Directorate-General for External Relations and the European Union. Xunta de Galicia. 

Amount of financing: 37,374.25 euros 

This project is a consequence of a research trajectory that revealed the importance of overcoming a reductionist approach to Development and Global Citizenship Education (DGCE), the need to influence training, and the existence of a significant number of practicing professionals who are conducting relevant experiences at both the classroom and school-wide level. These conclusions led us to understand the urgent need to identify and recognize what is being done in practice, mapping the Galician state of the art as a framework to create collaborative networks that help promote GCE in Galician schools.  

To carry out this mapping, we decided to use social cartography, and specifically the cartographic room, as a working methodology, based on the understanding that critical reflection, collaboration, active participation and empowerment define both GCE and social cartography.  

Two face-to-face cartographic rooms were developed (March and November 2019), with teachers and social entities participating in their construction and validation. In these we shared experiences (45 in total), discussed the type of information to collect and how to do so, and reflected on the nature of DGCE practice itself. Later we a pilot room was established for mapping experiences of the city of A Coruña and surroundings, which also served to improve the design of the room as an instrument for data collection.  

Through participatory processes parallel to the realization of the cartographic rooms, teachers and NGO-based experts in GCE finalized the design of the Galician Award for Development and Global Citizenship Education, which comprises a further step in the recognition of professionals who incorporate GCE experiences into Galician schooling practice.



Digón Regueiro, Patricia; Pérez Crego, Cristina; Cruz López, Laura and Méndez García, Rosa Mª (2020). Mapeando colaborativamente las experiencias de educación para el desarrollo y ciudadanía global. Revista de fomento social, nº 297, pp. 217-242. DOI: 10.32418 / rfs.2020.297.4017 

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