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Miscelánea de recursos

Here you will find a selection of Global Citizenship Education resources provided by some entities. 

Publicacións de Educación para o Desenvolvemento


Web portal that includes the Vicente Ferrer Good Practices Award, teaching materials for development education and other materials.

Materiales educativos 

Bosco Global

Educational materials and resources (dynamics, games and videos) by educational level, from early childhood education to secondary school (including vocational training).

Guía de recursos sobre arte y educación

Coordinadora Valenciana ONGD

Selection of global citizenship education resources related to the arts.

Publicaciones en la red

Educadores y educadoras para una ciudadanía global

Selection of publications and teaching materials that address a variety of issues (rights, responsible consumption, guidelines for transforming the school...).

Recursos para una educación transformadora

Federación Catalana de ONG para el Desarrollo

Resource center for a transformative education searchable by subject, educational field, recipients, etc. Also allows you to upload materials.

Repositorios de recursos educativos

Fundación Gregorio Peces-Barba para el estudio y cooperación en derechos humanos

List of main sources of online educational resources on education in and for human rights.

Escuela solidaria para una ciudadanía global (materiales y recursos)

Madre Coraje

Search engine for resources and materials by title, type, topics and recipients.


REDS Red Española para el Desarrollo Sostenible 

Selection of resources generated by the Network, its members, and United Nations agencies working on the SDGs.



Bank of resources, experiences and teaching guides that address various topics such as feminism, co-education, climate change, migration, etc. You can search by educational level and subject area

Centro de documentación 

Ca la Dona

Documentation center where you can find books and documents on the history of the feminist movement in Catalonia from the seventies to the most current formulations of feminism. In the current section they publish co-educational resources, for example for the day of peace and non-violence.

Docentes para el desarrollo

Docentes para el desarrollo

Vicente Ferrer Awards and other publications.

Materiales didácticos para centros educativos

El aula revuelta

Teaching resources organized by ages: 0-6, 6-12, 12-16 and over 16.

Fons de recursos

Fons Menorquí de cooperació

Bank of teaching resources on food sovereignty, migration and asylum, gender equity, climate emergency, and global citizenship education.

Educar para transformar

Fundación Paz y Solidaridad

Educational and methodological resources, readings… on the SDGs.


Médicos del Mundo

Access to magazines and guidelines that address issues such as the incorporation of the SDGs at different levels of education.


Solidaridad Internacional de Andalucía

Resources for educational work on topics such as feminism, human rights, world stories, etc.


Amigos da Terra

Resource library on organic food, forest fires, responsible consumption, etc.

Centro de recursos para poner la vida en el centro

Colectivo Cala

Resource center (videos, podcasts and activities), teaching and audiovisual material.


Ecologistas en acción

Selection of publications on environmental issues (consumption, pollution, ecology…).



Publications that can be filtered by topic (defense of the territory, social ecology, emancipatory education, feminism, migration ...) and format (blogs, documentaries, teaching guides, books ...).

Recursos educativos ecosociales

FUHEM Educación + ecosocial

Resources used in the classrooms of FUHEM schools or created by the professionals who work there. Specifically includes curricular materials, teaching guides and a blog.

Centro de documentación y publicaciones

Instituto de Estudios sobre Desarrollo y Cooperación Internacional (Hegoa)

Access to the documentation center on GCE and related topics, which has a newspaper library, digital library, media library, list of thematic dictionaries, etc.


Movimiento por la educación transformadora y ciudadanía global

Audiovisuals, reflection papers, description of experiences, educational material… produced by organizations that form part of the Movement and other related entities.

Sensibilización y Educación para la Ciudadanía global

Taller de Solidaridad 

In the organization's awareness section you can find various resources and teaching guides to address issues such as fair trade, equality, human rights ...

Biblioteca del naturalista y material para coles

Asociación Siempre en Medio

Naturalist's Library with articles, videos and documentation on botany, etc. and “Material for schools” with teaching material for geology and educational community visits in the area of Madrid.

Catálogo de recursos educativos

Coordinadora de ONGD de Euskadi

Catalog of educational resources produced by Basque NGDOs. Materials prepared by organizations that belong to the Basque Country's  NGDO Coordinator to transform the world from our most local suroundings.

Rede de recursos


Network of resources organized by subject areas, ages, type of material, topics ... It also allows you to upload new resources to contribute to the network's growth.

Recursos educativos

Escuelas hacia la Sostenibilidad en Red (ESenRed)

Resources and materials related to sustainable development, climate emergency, etc.

Materiales didácticos y campañas escolares

Fundación FISC 

Teaching units and resources to implement school projects and campaigns carried out by the foundation.



Educational resource bank, with educational games and a magazine, among other publications, which can be filtered by topic and target audience.

Kaidara Recursos educativos para una ciudadanía global

Oxfam Intermón

Search engine for teaching resources by keyword, subject, target audience, typology and language.

Recursos educativos

Teachers for future (Spain)

Educational resources organized by theme: food, climate change, biodiversity, consumption… Includes a collection of shorts films and documentaries.

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