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The NGDO Galician International Solidarity and the ECIGAL Research Group of the Faculty of Education, University of A Coruña, have developed this tool to get to know each other, as a starting point for weaving a network of educational institutions and social entities working in GCE and establishing lines of collaboration and shared learning.

The map geolocates experiences organized in four layers (which can be turned on or off). The “experiences” icon allows us to identify the main theme of the initiative and whether it is linked to one or more curricular disciplines or year levels. By clicking on each of the experiences, you can access more information about it.
An interesting feature of the application is that it allows us to filter the experiences according to our interests.

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Multiple levels



Social entity



Experience related to the curricum (disciplinary or interdisciplinary)

Want to know more about the possibilities of using the map or better understand how it works?

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The project

Since 2013, the NGDO Galician International Solidarity and the ECIGAL research group have been increasingly convinced of the need to overcome approaches that reduce GCE in the education system to one-off and isolated experiences. We have identified a significant number of practicing professionals who are carrying out very interesting initiatives, either individually or in collaboration with social entities.

Given this reality, we consider it essential to become familiar with the state of the art, as a starting point for both weaving a network of centers and entities that are addressing GCE and for establishing lines of collaboration and shared learning. The map we present here responds to this dual purpose. 



The concept of Global Citizenship Education (ECG) is under constant review because it is a dynamic concept, which is adapting to complex and changing realities. For Edgar Morin (2010) ECG is an ethical strategy of eco-social transformation, through learning that is collaborative and committed to building just and supportive societies. It starts from complex thinking as a model of learning, and incorporates uncertainty, eco-dependence and co-responsibility as characteristics of a process that moves towards understanding and the intellectual and moral solidarity of humanity.


Discover some of the Global Citizenship Education experiences that are collected on the Cénit map.

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Horizon 2030

The aim is to promote positive leadership among young people, taking as a reference the 2030 Agenda to "be vigilant of compliance with public policies to combat poverty" and the experience of local counterparts on the ground.

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Let's change the narratives

During the months of October and November, primary school students in Galician schools create an advertising campaign that, in their own voices, fights against gender stereotypes from the perspective of children.

imaxes experiencias_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia.png

Connecting worlds

Allowing children to connect with students from other countries and collaboratively address problems in order to find solutions. Through teamwork, coming to understand interculturality as a wealth.


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GCE Community

If you are interested in Global Citrizenship Education, join this community, engage in discussion with people, centers, and social entities that carry out this kind of work and share resources.

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