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Researching in the territory to identify and recognize GCE experiences (III)

PI: Laura Cruz 

Other members of the research team: María Barba Núñez, Alba Patricia Digón Regueiro, Ana Lampón Gude, Rosa María Méndez García, Renée DePalma, Araceli Serantes Pazos, Verónica Varela Verdía, María José Caride Delgado 

Collaborating entity: Galician Internacional Solidarity

Funding body: Directorate-General for External Relations and the European Union. Xunda de Galicia 

Amount of funding: 41837.69 


Continuing the previous projects, social cartography continues to be the research-in-action methodology employed to identify and digitally map the GCE experiences carried out at different educational levels in Galicia. The novelty of this third phase is the inclusion of the university level. We aim to identify at least 30 experiences in pre-university education and at least 12 in universities. 

In addition, we have opened a new line of inquiry with this project, with the collaborative design of a guide for the identification and evaluation of good practices that link GCE to the curriculum. This interest and concern for embedding the global dimension of education within the curriculum is applied to the university training for which the group's researchers are responsible, as well as the subjects of Practicum and Final Degree Project. 

The visibility and recognition of GCE initiatives continues to be a priority objective, and one of the actions of the project is to update and publish a new call for the Galician GCE award. This objective is also addressed by the new edition of the GCE seminar, a space designed for meeting and collaborative work, whose participants exchange experiences and draft new possibilities for incorporating GCE into teacher training. 

Finally, all of these processes are accompanied by transfer of knowledge generated, taking the form of a Mooc designed to explain GCE, the presentation of papers to different forums and conferences, and in the publication of articles in specialized journals. 

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