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Body Mapping. From hate speech to shared leisure

On Saturday 17th June we were at Acampa por la paz y el derecho a refugio presenting the exhibition "Body Mapping. From hate speech to shared leisure". More than 30 people joined us for the presentation.

Carlota, Stephanie and Henar shared the result of the body mapping on hate speeches, which they carried out with the teacher Laura Cruz and with the collaboration of 14 entities of the Acampa Network.

These mappings address the dimensions of human integrity that we learn with the Mujeres Mayas Kaqla, examining how hate speech impacts our minds, emotions, spirituality and bodies, and especially on the most vulnerable people.

But our bodies are also spaces for action and resistance, and the students also shared with us the spaces of coexistence that they generated through leisure with María Barba in the subject of Free Time, with the proactive perspective of social education.

❤️ We are very grateful to the people who participated in the cartographies and leisure experiences, to the collaborating organisations, to Roi for the praiseworthy graphic design, and to the Oficina de Cooperación y Voluntariado for supporting the initiative.


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