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Digital Literacy Workshop

Every social educator has a fundamental role in the digital and media literacy of citizens. In their different areas of work they can plan and develop learning situations aimed at working with the media as an object of study, favoring processes that involve critical analysis of media messages and the creation of media products. Taking into account the global citizenship approach, it is relevant to create media messages that give voice to groups that are not very present in the mainstream media. These groups, as prosumers, can create their own messages in different formats to denounce situations of inequality, claim their rights, fight for different causes, etc., thus becoming digital activists.

The aim of this workshop is to present the media education projects carried out by EpDLab (Laboratory of Education for Development) in different schools. After learning about these projects, the Social Education students will plan learning activities for a specific group, choosing a theme of education for global citizenship. The planned learning activities will include dynamics of critical analysis and creation of media products.


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