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Project receives a GENE Global Education award

The GENE Global Education Awards seek to reward quality and good practice in Global Education in Europe.

GENE values ​​the following dimensions when reviewing initiatives in different parts of Europe:

  • alignment with the Maastricht definition of Global Education (2002) with a strong focus on justice

  • interconnection between the global and the local

  • highlight quality that enables learning for other European countries through the experience

  • an educational focus and an active, participatory and critical role of all those involved in the initiative

In this edition of the awards the project presented by ECIGAL “Mapping Critical Global Citizenship Education in Spanish School” was selected.

This project allows us to expand the focus of the regional mapping that we have been designing to include experiences at the state level. An enriched study with qualitative interviews with three types of informants: primary school teachers; specialists in the teaching of experimental sciences, mathematics and languages; and NGDOs with experiences in the field.


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