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We present the MAPESS project in the event Showcasing Global Educational Research

On 22 March, 2022, EERA (European Educational Research Association) held a virtual event to disseminate results of the research projects funded by their Global Education Awards, presented in collaboration with GENE (Global Education Network Europe). We shared the results from our project Mapping Critical Global Citizenship Education in Spanish Schools (MAPESS). The research, which took place from March to December of 2021, was based on online interviews in each of Spain’s 17 Autonomous Communities with primary teachers, NGO staff, and specialists in the teaching of languages, math, and natural sciences. We hope to establish an extensive and intensive overview of the state of the art of GCE in Spanish schools, and expand the Cénit Map with experiences throughout the Spanish state.

First, we uploaded to the event forum a recorded video presenting the map. Then, in the synchronous virtual event, we presented the 4 main lines of analysis that emerged from our data: concepts of GCE and their relation with other paradigms; possibilities for incorporating GCE into the curricular areas of math, language, and science; the preparation teachers have and need to carry out for this kind of work; and collaboration models between schools and NGOs.

We continue to work on analyzing and publishing these results – we´ll keep you posted here on our progress!


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