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Welcome to the team, Marli and Olga!

In the ECIGAL group we welcome researchers, teachers and students who are temporarily integrated into our team to train and collaborate. During the months of September 2021 to January 2022 we hosted Professor Francisca Marli Rodrigues de Andrade, of the Federal University of Fluminense in Brazil. We celebrate the opportunity for these international exchanges and the fresh perspectives they bring from other contexts.

This week it is Olga Osorio Márquez who joins the work team, an undergraduate student of Early Childhood Education at our Faculty. Olga will be sharing 8 hours a week with us for 5 months, thanks to the UDC collaboration grants, offered as a complementary training opportunity for students.

If you are a student at the UDC and you are interested in furthering your education by collaborating within Departments, Research Groups, Services or projects of your faculty or the University, be sure to look into the details of these scholarships at:


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